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Wolf Creek Trail

(Value-add acquisition)

Comunale purchased the vacant 125,000 square foot Class A facility from a large publicly traded manufacturer that was closing a business line and wanted a buyer who could perform quickly and provide a certainty of close. With 60% of the facility being built within five years and offering highly sought after amenities with high clear height ceilings, heavy power, excellent truck loading and a high quality office finish, Comunale jumped on the opportunity to purchase the facility and make minor improvements. The initial strategy was to lease the facility and hold the facility for the long term, but within months Comunale was approached by a large, publicly traded manufacturer that was interested in purchasing the facility to house a new division. Buying the property would allow them to eliminate the lead-time necessary for a build-to-suit and realize a substantial savings on an acquisition versus new construction. Comunale sold the facility at a profit after a one year hold and was able to redeploy the capital to continue growing its portfolio with a focus on long term value creation.