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Our Team

John Comunale - President

John Comunale - President

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Josh Heiney - Managing Director

Josh Heiney - Managing Director

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Tyler Brochstein

Tyler Brochstein - General Counsel, SVP

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Stephen Comunale - Partner

Matt Dodge - Vice President, Investments

Charlie Wheeler

Charlie Wheeler - Vice President of Accounting and Operations

William Knight - Director of Asset Management

Molly Kosakowski

Molly Kosakowski - Director of Marketing & Investor Relations

Charlie Wigdale - Director of Investments

Shane Cassidy

Shane Cassidy - Construction Manager

Paul Guinn - Senior Property Accountant

Paul Guinn - Controller

John Rayburn

John Rayburn - Associate, Asset Management

Erin Barrett

Erin Barrett - Direct of Operations

Terri Horiuchi

Terri Horiuchi - Operations Coordinator

Brent Shepherd - Facilities Manager and Superintendent

Adron Simmons - Facilities Manager

Walter Dandy - Facilities Manager

Tim Becker - Senior Facility Technician

Sergio Castorena - Facility Technician