Comunale Properties | Newpark Drive – S.A. Comunale Company Headquarters

Newpark Drive – S.A. Comunale Company Headquarters

The S.A. Comunale Company was founded by Stephen Comunale as a small commercial plumbing company in 1973 after graduating from Ohio State. Stephen rapidly grew the business and took the challenge from a customer to install an automatic fire protection system in a manufacturing facility. Over the next two and a half decades Stephen grew the business into the largest privately held fire protection contractor in the United States before selling the business to a large publicly traded mechanical contractor in 2006. To meet the needs of his growing business Stephen started Comunale Properties to acquire and build properties as he entered new markets.

Newpark Drive was purchased as the company out grew their existing facility and needed an expanded facility with modern amenities. Comunale Properties bought the existing building and completed and extensive renovation and expansion. The building was doubled in size with new modern offices, separate fabrication facilities for the mechanical and fire protection divisions, a large maintenance garage, and extensive yard for outside storage to meet the long term needs of the S.A. Comunale Company.