Comunale Properties | MANAGEMENT



The primary focus of our business revolves around actively managing our properties to meet the day-to-day needs of our tenants. With the roots of Comunale Properties being as a user of office and industrial space to operate our own businesses, we know the importance of having functional space to meet business needs for an affordable cost.

Our management style is based on a “boots on the ground” approach focusing on improving the long term quality of our properties and tenant retention. We have a seasoned well-rounded staff that is committed to keeping occupancy costs low. Drawing on Comunale’s background in construction with businesses controlling multiple trades, all of our properties are overseen with a systematic approach to control repairs and maintenance costs through preventative maintenance and ongoing capital improvements. Many of our properties have new roofs and all have professionally maintained mechanical systems.



Comunale Properties has a commitment to keeping concepts simple, but our property and investment oversight is under the constant review of our thorough Asset Management process, which utilizes top of the line accounting and analytical software to automate processes and increase efficiency. Our new and existing projects go through head to toe financial analysis to vet all avenues where value can be created, and also the mitigation on potential risk factors. Detailed business plans are put into place to implement, monitor and adjust strategies. Proper debt and equity capitalization of Comunale’s investment affiliates is constantly evaluated to make sure capital is readily available to undertake any necessary improvements to capture value.