Colorado Tech Center proposal would bring co-manufacturing facilities to Louisville

By Whitney Bryen – Staff Writer – Daily Camera

A Denver-based developer is proposing building two new co-manufacturing facilities for small to mid-sized companies at the Colorado Technology Center in Louisville.

According to a proposal submitted to the city this month, the 62,000-square-foot facility would be built on the northeast corner of Dillon Road and South 96th Street.

The facility will house up to five small and mid-size businesses meeting an unfilled need in Boulder County, according to John Comunale, president of Comunale Properties, which is developing the project.

Rising real estate costs and demand coupled with the recent redevelopment of industrial spaces are making it difficult for some niche companies to stay in business, Comunale said.

A second 40,000-square-foot facility is proposed about a block away that also will offer co-manufacturing space for small to mid-size businesses, Comunale said. The company intends to begin developing plans for the second building after breaking ground on the larger facility early this summer.

So far, the project is attracting interest from Boulder outdoor and food companies but no tenants are confirmed, Comunale said.

The new facilities will cater to businesses that have outgrown their space but are not able to afford or to fill a large manufacturing facility, he said.

Comunale Properties is under contract for the lots and is expected to close on the lot for the larger facility next month, Comunale said.

Aaron Dejong, Louisville’s director of economic development, said the proposal is expected to go to the planning commission in May.

Many of the CTC’s recent manufacturing facilities were built with large operations and a single tenant in mind, Dejong said. The new project will diversify the center’s offerings, he said.

“Fewer tenants are easier to manage but there is also a demand for the smaller space and those just haven’t been built in at least five years in the CTC,” Dejong said.

There are some similar facilities that cater to smaller businesses in the CTC, but they have been full for a long time, Dejong said.

The project is an expensive undertaking but the company is “willing to live with a lower return over a long period of time because we really believe in Boulder County,” Comunale said.

Comunale did not provide a projected cost for the project.